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The PayUsMore UCB movement is acutely aware of the burdens that students and workers face amidst academic demands, financial insecurity, housing/food insecurity, discrimination, and other forms of precarity amidst uncertain times.

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The purpose of collecting our testimonials is to generate an archive that shows the human face of our movement for better living conditions. While the university exalts our intellectual labor, the conditions and experiences we face in our domestic and everyday lives are often invisibilized, devalued, or ignored. To give a testimony to the very real and tangible realities that mobilize us to organize and strike is to bring voice and bear witness to our full selves. Since the pandemic has pushed our strike online, the need for our stories and testimonies is all the more pressing! Please submit your testimonial here

About Pay Us More UCB

Rent goes up every year, and our wages don't keep pace with basic inflation. The University of California has failed to fulfill its social obligations; most graduate student workers barely getting by. According to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), any person that spends more than 30% of their gross monthly income on housing expenses is rent burdened. As we all know, a vast majority of us are well beyond this threshold. With the tech industry exploding nearby, Berkeley has become inhospitable for many workers, including graduate student workers. The situation is no longer tenable.

Squeezed between rising rents and stagnating wages, graduate students at UC Santa Cruz have gone out on a daring wildcat strike. In exercising one of the most fundamental rights we have—the right to withhold our labor—UC Santa Cruz graduate and undergraduate workers and are taking a stand against an unjust system that threatens to upend public education. Enough is enough! It is time for us to enter into the fray; the time for us to organize and fight for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students, is now.

We demand that the University of California Administration grants all graduate students across the UC System a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) proportionate to their local housing market. We demand that this occur without raising tuition and fees on undergraduates, without laying off workers, without slashing graduate admissions, and without any retaliation against students. We demand that the University stop behaving as a for-profit landlord - charging above market rate for university housing. We demand that the UC demilitarize their police force. We do not accept that the UC System "does not have the money". The UC has always found ways to fund initiatives it deems important in the past. If teaching is truly at the core of the UC's mission, it is high time that they start paying graduate students - who do the vast majority of teaching within the UC system- a living wage.