COLA-related educational events are now coordinated through Strike University, a public platform for radical teach-ins, trainings, and workshops. Check out that calendar for a full slate of scheduled sessions!

Image of events for the glitter picket, described as “soft sparkly UCB COLA virtual quarantine activities for the revolution” pasted over a sparkly backdrop, surrounded by stickers, a wildcat strike image, and pink flowers  The events and dates listed are: Chancellor Drag with Carrot Christ Thursday 3/17 at 5 pm Horoscopes happy hour w tenzin Thursday evening 3/17 Nail Art with Patricia Friday 3/18 12-2 pm Roomba dance workshop with Nic (through the  Bay Area Disabled Dance Collective) Sunday 3/22 1-3 The Bachelor queer informational teach-in TBD Yiddish Labor Songs with Zisl TBD Journal making with Juliet Next week! Intro to knitting with Ina Next Tuesday 3/24 Fern and flower sex teach-in with Mick TBD Tune in to and the socials for detes.