Since the open-ended strike at UC Santa Cruz began the week of February 10, with students demanding a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), the situation has escalated considerably. The strike has been met with cops in riot gear (drawn from all over the state), at least 17 arrests, a letter warning international students against participation else risk deportation, and, last Friday, Feb. 14th, a threat to fire ASE-TAs from their positions if they do not submit grades or end their picket by Feb. 21.

At the same time, UCSC faculty and undergraduates have joined the picket line. And across all the UCs, graduate students are organizing solidarity efforts. For more information please see the amazing site created by the students at UCSC https://payusmoreucsc.com/

Land Acknowledgment

We recognize that Berkeley sits on the territory of Huichin, the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo Ohlone, the successors of the historic and sovereign Verona Band of Alameda County. This land was and continues to be of great importance to the Ohlone people. We recognize that every member of the Berkeley community has, and continues to benefit from the use and occupation of this land, since the institution’s founding in 1868 as a land-grant university. By offering this land acknowledgement, we affirm indigenous sovereignty and our own responsibility as students and as participants of this movement to acknowledge, make visible, and hold the university and ourselves accountable to the needs of indigenous peoples.

Over the past couple of months, UC Santa Cruz students have insisted that all efforts for a COLA should never lose sight of solidarity with indigenous peoples, whose ancestral lands and struggles are intimately tied to the demands for justice that we currently seek as students. As we build our own movement for a COLA here at CAL, we also cannot let go of our responsibility to be in right relations with the indigenous peoples of this land.


  1. A Cost of Living Adjustment for every graduate student, regardless of residence, visa, documentation, employment or funding status, to bring us out of rent burden

  • Without raising tuition or campus fees

  • Without cutting graduate admissions

  • Without retaliation

  1. Reinstate all TA's who were fired for striking at UCSC and drop all threats of retaliation against striking students across the UC

  2. The University stop acting as a for-profit landlord

  3. The University works with us to ensure that all members of the UC Berkeley community can meet the basic human needs of food and shelter, and freedom from police violence and intimidation

Median Monthly Rents in Berkeley in 2018:

** Data from: Market Medians: January 1999 through March 2019,Report to the City of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, 2019

Read our Letter of Demands Delivered February 21, 2020 to the UC Berkeley Administration:

UCB COLA Demand Letter